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Sahti malt

Sahti malt (Special Blend Sahti(TM)) is a ready made mix of three ordinary malt varieties from Lahden Polttimo Oy (the biggest maltster in Finland). It contains 85% of pilsner malt (2-row), 10% of pale caramel malt and 5% of enzyme malt (2-row).

This is a rather traditional base for a sahti (of course originally every sahti brewer made his own malts), many brewers add some rye malt for colour and flavour. The enzyme malt is there (I think) because of the old fashioned equipment many brewers use. Otherwise they maybe couldn't achieve a proper saccharification.

From one bag of sahti malt (20 kg, 44 lb) you get just right amount of sahti 35-60 liters (9.2-15.8 gallons).

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